Hitting More Greens is as easy as Pie

Hitting more greens is always a good goal for a golfer to have. When you hit the green in regulation more often, you have more chances at birdie putts, and don’t have to try to get up and down to save your par. While it might not be a realistic goal to hit every single green, you can always try to improve your percentage. By hitting more greens, you will have the putter in your hands more often, which could directly lead to lower scores.

The tips below relate to the mental side of hitting greens, and how good decisions can make it easier to get your ball to wind up on the green in regulation. Even without changing anything in your swing, you could find yourself hitting more greens just by using these tips.

  • Make fairways a priority. Quite simply, it is easier to hit the green from the fairway than it is from the rough. If you are playing from the rough too often, work on your tee shots so that you can be better positioned to hit into the green. This might mean using a 3-wood or hybrid club off the tee instead of your driver to improve accuracy – even if you have to sacrifice a little bit of distance at the same time.
  • Play to the center of the green. Even if the hole is located toward the edge of the green, make it your goal to hit the ball right in the center of the putting surface. Aiming for the middle will give you some margin for error in case you don’t hit a perfect shot. It takes patience to aim away from the hole and play it safe toward the middle of the green, but patient golf often works out well in the end.
  • Take an extra club and swing easy. Most amateur golfers pick the club they are going to use for an approach shot based on the ‘best possible scenario’ – meaning, the club that they can get to the hole if they hit is absolutely perfect. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Instead, pick one extra club and swing a little bit easier. That way, even if the shot is slightly misfit, you still might have enough distance to reach the green. Practice hitting shots like this on the driving range before you use this strategy on the course.