Are YouTube Coaches Really Helpful?

You can find just about anything online these days – and that includes golf lesson videos on YouTube. If you are browsing the web looking for ways to improve your game, you might think these videos are a gold mine of information to soak up. But will they actually be all that helpful? It depends. Some of the videos are sure to contain some valuable information, while others aren’t worth the digital space they are taking up.

In order to sort through the garbage and find the videos that are really worth watching, use the following guidelines.

  • Consider the source. You should always know who you are listening to when you take golf advice. Why is this person qualified to teach you how to play the game? Do some quick research on the background of the person in the video, and make sure they have the necessary credentials to teach you properly. That doesn’t mean they have to be famous or a former tour professional – just be sure the information they are offering is backed by experience and knowledge.
  • Pay close attention. Golf isn’t a game that you can learn casually. If you really want to get better, you need to focus and pay attention to the lessons being provided. While you are watching a video on playing better golf, it might be helpful to take notes of the most important parts, or watch it a couple of times until you grasp the concepts completely. Even a slight misunderstanding of what the teacher wants you to do could mean big problems when you put it to use in your game.
  • Don’t overload yourself with information. This is probably the biggest mistake that golfers make when they use the internet to improve their game. There is plenty of good information available – but it might be too much at times. A golf lesson that you take in person will be given by a golf teacher who knows how to limit what they say in order not to overload you with thoughts. If you are going to use videos to learn about the game, make sure to keep it focused on one specific area of your swing at a time. Only once you are comfortable with the changes that you have made in that area should you move on to another part of the game. This approach will take longer, but it should be much more successful.