How to Know When to Chip and When to Pitch in Golf

Golf has two common short game shots that can be used at each hole. If you want to learn how to play golf or even to develop your skills to become a better golfer, it is important that you learn when to chip and when to pitch. This will help you getting balls off its tee and onto the green.

To get a good score you need to learn the ins and outs of your short game and how to recover from shots that are off-target. The result of great chip and pitch shots is an excellent recovery shot. Regardless of how far you hit the ball off the tee or how accurate you are, if your short game skills aren’t developed you will not have those excellent scores which is a horrible disadvantage for the golfer. What matters the most is your short game. By having a good pitch or chip shot you could potentially dominate your scoring zone.

Every round of golf will be different; you may not hit the ball on to the green all the time with the required amount of shots that you should take. Often times your ball will land between a short iron shot range and the green. This is when you officially decide whether to use a pitch shot or a chip shot.

A chip shot is when your ball lands about five to ten feet from the putting green or any shot made where the ball lands close to the green. The ultimate goal when making your chip shot is to hit the ball as close to the hole as you possibly can so you have a shorter putting distance. When done properly your chip shot should go airborne for a very short distance landing on the green and rolling towards the hole slowly.

A pitch shot is when your ball is hit much further out beyond the green. The pitch shot and the chip shot will be hit from different distances although your objective will be the same: you want the pitch shot to get as close to the hole as possible so your putt shot can be done very easily from within a few short feet or less.

As you begin to grow as a golfer, you will naturally make one or the other without thinking about it or overanalyzing your next move. Either one of these shots will get your ball to where it should be if you do it properly.