Some Hints that Will Help You Improve Your Golf Scores

At the end of the day, it is all about getting the ball in the hole is as few shots as possible. All of the practice time you put in, all of the books and articles you read, all of the clubs you purchase – it is all with the goal of shooting lower scores. While all of those things can contribute to better scores, sometimes all you need is to make a few tweaks to the way you approach the game in order to drop some shots off your card.

Following are five basic tips that you can put into play during your very next round. Hopefully, these will enable you to get around the course in fewer shots and continue making progress to your golf goals.

Tip #1 – Warm Up Less

Too many golfers stand out on the driving range for long periods of time before they tee off and actually do more harm than good to their swing. Before a round, your warm up should be exactly that – a warm up, and not a practice session. Hit just enough shots to get your rhythm going and get your muscles warm, and that’s it. Spend any leftover time putting and chipping, instead of hitting more balls.

Tip #2 – Be Conservative

If you take two golfers with the same skill level, the one who uses a more-conservative game plan will almost always win. Rarely is aggression rewarded on the golf course, so pick your spots and make sure you are making smart decisions all throughout your round.

Tip #3 – Below the Hole

It is almost always better to keep your ball below the hole so you are playing uphill whenever possible. Plan your approach shots – and chip shots – with this goal in mind so you can give yourself as easy a putt as possible. Golf is all about position, so think one or two shots ahead to position your ball correctly.

Tip #4 – Stay Patient

A bogey or two early in the round isn’t the end of the world – as long as you don’t let it affect your attitude. Stay positive and try your best for all 18 holes. Some of your best rounds are likely to come when you get off to a poor start.

Tip #5 – Play the Back Tees Occasionally

While you might not shoot great scores from the back tees, the challenge will force you to use a variety of different shots that could improve your game over time. When you go back to playing your usual tees, your game will be more well-rounded and you might have an easier time navigating the course.