A list of basic golf rules: a guide for beginners

Golf is a strategic sport that involves a good amount of rules, regulations and standards that golfers abide by. Don’t be intimidated by this as it can be a challenge for beginners to get used to. The good news is there are a number of basic rules you can follow that are easy to remember and can make a difference in how you play on the course. The following golf rules are a few basic elements you should know about the game.

Game Preparation

You should have the right amount of equipment with no more than 14 clubs in your golf bag. You should avoid borrowing equipment that belongs to another player and have plenty of balls and tees on hand. The dress code includes your choice of khaki shorts, dress/khaki pants and collared shirts. Golf shoes are advised and golf gloves are optional to help reduce blisters. You may need to consider tipping if you play at a private course. Tee times should be reserved in advance and you should show up on time to avoid losing your spot.

Understanding the Basics and Who Plays First?

Use the right handicap and play the holes as they appear in order from 1 to 18 or 1 to 9 (depending on how many holes are on the course). Make sure your ball is marked so you can find it easily on the course. The head of the club should be used to hit the ball only. You should avoid pushing the ball as it is moving or scraping the ball. The ball should be placed between tee markers; they should not appear in front of the markers but even or behind them. A player with honors tees will take their turn or tee off first. The first hole this is a random decision but with remaining holes the player with the best score may tee off first.

How to Play the Ball and Water Hazards

Wherever the ball comes to rest is where you play it’ otherwise known as “play it where it lies.” Avoid touching or moving the ball unless you are allowed. You add a stroke to your play card when you hit the ball out of bound as a penalty. You can play a second ball called a provisional ball but you have to wait until other players tee off first. Yellow and red stakes mark water hazards and you take a 1 stroke penalty if the ball ends up in the water. Remember to follow safety rules and take proper precautions on and off the course.