The Difference between Golf Fields in Western and Eastern Algarve

Algarve offers great opportunities for both beginner and advance golfers. There are golf courses that offer great features and challenging holes, but many may not realize the unique differences between the east and west parts of Algarve. There are certain characteristics each area has that may not make a difference for some until they are compared. Such information may be helpful for travelers trying to determine a good golf course based on their interest and skill level.

East Algarve Region May Be Cheaper with Fewer Crowds

If you want to have an affordable golf holiday or golf break without paying too much, you may want to learn more about golf fields in eastern parts of Algarve. Many who have visited this area feel golf options are more affordable and cheaper than the western region. Plus, previous visitors feel this area may be more family-friendly while offering plenty of activities to do on and off the course.

The eastern region may provide better opportunities for quieter golf sessions. This area is known to have fewer crowds with many people enjoying the great outdoors more often. This region presents a number of opportunities when the weather is warm and cool including visiting historical areas, restaurants, and even churches. It tends to be quieter in this region because of lower living populations, but it is a great place to visit any time during the year.

West Algarve Region May Be More Expensive with Famous Fields

Western Algarve is known for offering various golfing opportunities. In other words, many popular golf courses are located here. Even though many courses in eastern Algarve are cheaper, you may be able to find inexpensive hotels and resorts or at least take advantage of available deals and discounts. A number of well-known courses provide challenging holes with quality features and luxury accommodations.

This also means more crowds are likely as there are plenty of activities to do. It is thought that western courses may offer different playing fields due to the ground conditions. Meaning, some may have more hills and hazards than others. Your personal preference can help you reduce potential options to your liking. A large number of expert golfers enjoy playing in western and eastern Algarve. But some feel the quality of the courses may be better in the west than the east.