Hints for creating more golf swing speed

One of the best ways to improve your golf skills is to increase your swing speed ability. It may seem simple enough to just swing the club harder but unfortunately it is not that easy. Plus, swing the club harder may produce unwanted results with lack of strategy and precision. It does take a considerable amount of time to understand the skill and approach behind swing speed. For the most part, it is a matter of reviewing how you hold your club, how you swing, and how to enforce more power without overstraining yourself. The following points are a few hints to consider for increasing your swing speed.

  • Know the proper technique needed to help you swing more efficiently without actually swinging harder. Do some research on different ways to swing with your club and practice to help yourself get used to the technique you want to perfect.
  • Consider doing exercises that are good for your upper body. There are a few that can help you build strength in your wrists and shoulders, especially when using a weighted club. You can use hand weights and an exercise ball for example. You can sit on the ball and use the weights to help you gain strength through balance. As you sit on the ball and hold the weights you can do arm curls which can help your shoulders and arms.
  • Review ways to help alleviate tension in arm and shoulder muscles. Sometimes too much tension can make you swing harder than you need to and it may affect your ability to control your swing while executing your technique.
  • Understand the significance of a good grip. There are different ways to grip your club but with the proper technique it can help you hold the club with the right amount of pressure. If you hold your club too tightly it may have a negative effect on how the club head speed is achieved upon release.
  • Try extending the length of your swing arc. The club can be extended along the target line but try not to pick the club up too soon as you swing and follow through.
  • When using a driver turn it upside down with the grip point facing the ground. You can keep swinging the club until you notice a swoosh at a high pitch; this can indicate your swing speed has increased.