How to Chip the Ball Aggressively

One of the biggest differences between professional golfers and the average amateur player is the ability to chip the ball consistently close to the hole. Missed greens are inevitable for players of all ability levels, so being able to save par from around the green is crucial to lowering your scores. While most golfers understand that chipping is important, very few take the time to practice is as much as they should.

A key component to chipping well is chipping aggressively. What does this mean? Basically, an aggressive chip is one that you hit cleanly down and through the ball without any hesitation. A common mistake that the average golfer makes is slowing down through impact from fear of hitting the ball too hard, and coming up short of the hole – often, well short.

To counteract this tendency, you need to improve your technique so you feel free to chip aggressively knowing that you are going to hit a quality shot. Using the following four step process, you can build a repeatable chipping motion to take with you out onto the course.

  1. Start from an open stance. Using an open stance while you chip allows the club to move across the ball from outside to inside and cut through the grass a little easier. Also, for chip shots when you need to add loft, this kind of a stance will improve your chances of doing that as well.
  2. Lean onto your front foot. A descending blow is vital for good chipping, so setting your weight onto your front foot helps to promote that downward action. You don’t want to lean too severely to the side, so aim for about 60% of your weight on the front foot.
  3. Hinge back with your right wrist (for right-handed golfer). When you take the club away from the ball, do so by hinging your right wrist along with a slight swing of your arms. Using your wrist to move the club will help it to get up into the air, and will again promote that downward hit that you are looking for.
  4. Stay down. Countless chip shots are ruined by looking up before the ball has left the club. Stay down on the shot and make sure you don’t move your head up until the ball is gone. It takes some discipline to do so, but you can hit much more consistent shots if you are willing to stay down through the shot.