How to Hit a Longer Driver in Golf

When you set out to look for ways to hit your drives longer off the tee, you are sure to find plenty of technical swing advice. However, hitting the ball long distances is just as much mental as it is physical. With the right mind set and game plan before you even start your swing, you might be able to find additional yards in your very next round. A good mindset and attitude goes a long way in golf, and it can help your golf ball fly a long way as well.

Below are a few mental game tips designed to hopefully help you find a few extra yards off the tee.

  • Commit to the driver. Too often, amateur golfers will decide to hit driver off the tee – but won’t really be committed to it. They will be worried about all of the bad places they could hit the shot, instead of being focused on the target. Clear your head of negative thoughts, focus on the target, and swing with confidence when you decide to hit your driver.
  • Focus on tempo. The key to hitting a golf ball long distances is not simply trying to overpower the club and use your muscle to force it through the ball. Rather, speed and power are developed through good rhythm and tempo. With that in mind, make your focus when you hit a driver on having a good tempo and not rushing your swing. It might feel like you aren’t swinging as hard as you can, but you just might be surprised at how much speed you are able to create this way.
  • Visualize your ball flight. Before you step into your stance and make the swing, stand back from the ball and visualize it flying down the fairway. Picture the exact ball flight that you wish to achieve, and imagine where the ball is going to land. When you go to make your swing and hit the shot, use this visualization to give you confidence that the drive will be a good one.
  • Don’t try to outdrive your playing partners. You are only responsible for playing your own game, and you can’t control what the other players in your group are able to do. If you are playing with an especially long hitter, don’t get caught up in trying to outdrive him or her. Instead, focus on making the best swing you can make.