Grip Pressure is the Most Important Factor When Chipping

Many golfers struggle with chipping consistently around the greens. Chipping is an important skill for a golfer to have, yet it is one that eludes most amateur players and causes them to lose several shots each and every round. For those who are serious about finding lower scores on the course, chipping should be one of the first places they look.

While a good chip shot requires proper technique all the way around, your grip pressure is one thing that can be worked on right away. If you are squeezing the grip of the club too tightly before hitting the shot, you are going to lose the feel in your hands for the shot and probably will have trouble controlling the distance properly. Also, it might be more difficult to make good contact with the ball when your grip pressure is too tight.

Finding the Right Balance

Of course, if you try to hit a chip shot with too little grip pressure, the club will move in your hands and a poor shot will be the result. The key is finding a good balance between too little pressure and too much, so that you can swing the club naturally, while keeping it under control and having good feel for the club head. The idea is to hold the club as tightly as you need to for control purposes, and no tighter. To get it just right, you will have to spend some time practicing and experimenting with different grip pressures before you get comfortable with one that is right for you.

A Little Tighter in the Long Rough

When you are hitting a chip shot out of some longer rough around the green, you will need to hold on to the grip a little bit tighter in order to maintain control. The long grass in the rough will grab your club head and twist it if you aren’t holding on tight enough. The best way to get a feel for what kind of grip pressure you need is to take a couple practice swings in grass that is similar to what your ball is sitting in and see how the club reacts. Adjust your grip pressure accordingly until you feel that you have it right and will be able to hit your chip shot without losing control of the club head through impact.