Golf Tips on How to Reduce the Dispersion of Your Drives

Dispersion refers to the spread of your drives across the golf course, and a smaller dispersion means that you are more accurate off the tee. While you can improve your dispersion simply by practicing your swing and improving your technique, there are also some mental game adjustments that you can use to become more accurate. There should be no doubt as to the importance of accuracy in golf – hitting more fairways almost always leads directly to lower scores. Reduce the dispersion of your average drive and you can expect that your scorecard will soon reflect that improvement.

Following are a few mental game notes that you can use to become more accurate off the tee –

  • The right club isn’t always the driver. If you hit your driver off the tee on every single par four or par five you play, there is a good chance you could improve a couple strokes just by being smarter with your club selection. When you play a hole with a narrow fairway, or a hazard close to the target, it is wise to hit less club in favor of accuracy. Your approach shot will be longer, but the trade-off is well worth it when you find that you are in the short grass more often.
  • Pick one ball flight. Do you try to make your ball flights match the shape of the hole that you are playing? That is a difficult feat to accomplish, even for a professional. A better strategy would be to simply hit the same ball flight off the tee each and every hole, so you can master it and become highly confident. Even if the hole doesn’t look like it will work well for a draw (for example), you might be surprised at how well you can make your shot fit into the fairway as long as you have confidence and execute the swing successfully.
  • Don’t be obsessed with distance. Getting a few extra yards from your tee shots simply isn’t worth the loss of accuracy that often comes with it. Control of your drives is far more important than sheer distance, so always make control your number one priority. If you can accomplish both distance and accuracy at the same time, that’s great – but don’t give up control over your golf ball simply to try and squeeze a few extra yards out of the shot.