What to Do If You’re Suffering from a Fade or Slice

The most common problem that the amateur golfer faces is fixing a fade or slice off the tee. By far, more golfers complain about struggling with a slice than any other ailment. When you start to slice the ball off the tee, it is a tough thing to correct and you can find yourself only making it worse and worse as time goes by. In order to stop that cycle and get your swing back on the right track, it is important that you understand a few basic tips. Using the tips below, head to the driving range and start to iron out that pesky slice once and for all –

It’s All about Tempo

Most slicers have a rushed tempo at the top of their backswing making it hard to drop the club properly to the inside. By contrast, golfers who are able to hit the ball straight consistently off the tee usually have a very even tempo that gathers speed gradually up until impact. If you are fighting a slice, make an effort to slow down the transition of your swing from backswing to downswing. Just an extra split second can be all it takes to put your lower body and torso in a better position to pull the club down on plane and perfectly into the ball.

Make Sure to Flex Your Knees

A straight-legged stance is common among golfers who fight the slice. When you stand with your legs straight, it is easy to drag the club to the inside on the takeaway – a sure sign that a slice is to come. Instead, stand up to your shot with a good, athletic posture and a comfortable amount of flex in your knees. This will not only help your backswing be on a better path, it will also help you to rotate through the ball aggressively on the downswing.

Tee the Ball a Little Higher

This is a subtle change, but it can make a big difference. Try teeing the golf ball just a little higher when you are getting ready to hit your driver. A swing that produces a draw is usually moving up from the inside of the ball, so you need to have room to make that swing. If the ball is teed low, you might not have room to hit it with draw spin and may continue to fight the slice – even if you correct some other flaws in your swing.