The Most Common Ways to Clean Your Golf Clubs

Part of enjoying a good round of golf includes having a set of clean golf clubs. This process is simple once you know a few tips to help you get started. It is important to maintain your golf clubs as this helps you improve overall performance on the course. You can clean your clubs at home which many golfers do to help save money or when professional club-cleaning services are not part of their budget.

Cleaning your golf clubs is a great opportunity to inspect your equipment while getting more inspiration to play your next round. The following points can provide further insight on how to clean your golf clubs.

  • Use warm water and cleaning solution to help you get started. You can use a bucket that will hold the water, cleaning solution and clubs. The water should be warm, but avoid making it too warm so you don’t ruin the condition of the club. There should be enough water to submerge the heads of the clubs. You can use dish-washing soap or professional solution available at golf shops.
  • The solution should be soapy as the irons are added to the water. Make sure they are completely submerged and avoid getting the ferrules wet. Leave the clubs in the water for about two minutes. This helps to loosen debris that may be on the surface of the clubs.
  • If you have woods, they should not be placed in the bucket, but instead, wiped down by hand with a damp soapy cloth.
  • The grooves of the clubs should be clean with a soft-bristle brush. Avoid using a wire brush and be gentle with your strokes as you clean it. Brush all head sides and try not to scratch the shaft.
  • Rinse your clubs when you are finished cleaning them in the solution. A garden house can help you rinse them efficiently. If they look dirty you can soak them again in the cleaning solution to help loosen dirt and debris. A toothbrush with a medium to hard bristle head may help remove stubborn dirt.
  • Once they are dry you can polish them. Inspect the head of the club to ensure cleanliness. A soft towel can be used to wipe them down. You can review your clubs again to make sure they are clean before they go back in your bag.
  • Use fresh water to clean golf grips.