Hitting the Ball Straight: Fundamental Golf Tips

There might not be anything more fundamental in golf than trying to hit the ball straight. Forgetting about distance for a moment, having the ability to hit the ball straight will help you stay out of trouble, stay on the short grass, and stay on track for a good score. Assuming your picked a smart target for a given shot, hitting the ball straight should leave your ball somewhere near that target and in position for a par or better. Of course, as anyone who has ever played golf can tell you, hitting the ball straight is far easier said than done.

While you are going to need to spend some time practicing in order to be able to produce straight shots on a regular basis, the following tips should give you a nice start toward that goal:

  • Use body rotation to power swing. The more your hands are involved in the golf swing, the less chance you will have of hitting the ball straight. Instead, try to use your body to move the club back and through the swing, with your hands and arms just holding on for the ride. Doing this will allow the club face to remain in a much more stable position, and you won’t have to try and time the impact release of the club to create a straight shot.
  • No side to side motion. Many golfers struggle to hit straight shots simply because of the way their body moves during the swing. When you allow your weight to shift from side to side during the swing, you are going to have trouble getting the club face square, and also getting the club to impact the ball cleanly. Focus on making a rotational swing that keeps most of your weight in between your feet as you turn back and through.
  • Let it go. Tentative swings rarely produce good shots, so you need to have the confidence to swing aggressively through impact once you have put in the time working on your positions and fundamentals. As long as you are on balance and the club face is square to the target line, you can go ahead and let it rip through the hitting zone to maximize your power while still hitting the ball straight. An otherwise good swing can be ruined by a loss of confidence right at the moment of impact, so don’t let that happen to you.