Golf Guide for Beginner Players: Have Proper Equipment

Golf is a game that comes with a reputation for being difficult. If you ask any experienced player, they will probably give you story after story about how tough the game is, and all of the bad shots they have hit through the years. This can be rather intimidating to a new golfer, but don’t go running in the other direction just yet – yes, golf is hard, but there are many great moments to be experienced along the way.

One of the ways you can make golf just a little bit easier is by having the right equipment in your bag. If you go out onto the course without all of the essentials, you will be making golf even harder than it is already. The list below is a primer for the beginning golfer who wants to make sure they have all the right equipment to succeed on the course.

  • A full set of clubs. If you haven’t played golf much before, you might think that you can get away with having less than fourteen clubs in your bag. While it is true that you can play with less than the 14 that are allowed under the rules, it doesn’t make much sense to try. Why not have as many clubs at your disposal as possible? You will encounter a variety of circumstances out on the course, and the more-prepared you are to handle them with a specific club, the better.
  • Comfortable golf shoes. Golf shoes are designed specifically for the act of swinging a golf club, so invest in a comfortable pair that you can wear for each round. The course that you play at might allow you to play in tennis shoes, but you will be making your job harder than it has to be. Good golf shoes have the right support and traction to help you make quality swings, so they are certainly worth adding to your equipment.
  • Affordable golf balls. There is no need to spend large amount of money on golf balls when you are just getting started – your game won’t yet be to the point of being able to tell the difference between them, anyway. Pick up some of the lower-priced golf balls and you won’t worry so much when you lose one or two along the way. As your game improves and you gain more experience, you can consider moving up to a higher-priced ball if you wish.