A Few Pieces of Advice on Avoiding Skied Drives on the Course

Hitting a skied tee shot on the golf course is not only damaging to your scorecard – it is also embarrassing. When the driver goes too far under the ball and the ball actually hits the crown of the club instead of the face, a skied tee shot will be the result. It won’t go very far, and might go sideways as well. If you are lucky enough to have the shot land in an area where you can play it, you are still likely to have a very long second shot. Additionally, hitting the ball off the crown of the club can do damage (at least cosmetically) to the club itself.

To avoid hitting skied drives, try the tips below –

  • Tee the ball lower. This is the most obvious tip, but an important one. If you find that you are having trouble hitting skied drives on a regular basis, consider teeing the ball up lower when you hit the driver. It might be that you are making a good swing, but the ball is simply placed too high up in the air for you to successfully strike it in the middle of the club face.
  • Stay balanced. Another common cause of skied tee shots is getting too much weight on the front foot of your stance before impact. When swinging a driver, you want your body to rotate as opposed to slide from side to side. Make sure your weight is staying largely in between your feet so you can turn toward the target without leaning too much over that front foot. With good balance, it becomes much more difficult to actually hit a skied drive. In addition, you are likely to gain some extra power when you work on making this adjustment.
  • Eye on the ball. Sometimes it is the simple pieces of advice that are the best. Keeping your eye on the ball can be a successful cure for hitting skied drives because it is easier to make square contact when you are actually looking at the ball at impact. Resist the temptation to look up prematurely to see where the ball is flying – you will have plenty of time to do that after the shot is struck. Keep your eyes down, focus on your balance, and the skied drives that you have been fighting should soon be a thing of the past.