Typical Question a Golf Beginner Asks

For those just getting started in golf, it seems there is an endless list of questions to have answered. Learning golf actually doesn’t take that long, but there is quite a bit you will need to know just to get started. Once that initial learning curve is out of the way, you should be able to relax and start to just have fun playing the game.

Following are a few questions that many golf beginners may ask while they are just getting started. If you have asked these questions yourself, hopefully the answers will provide you with the information you are looking for.

What kind of golf ball should I use?

For most beginning golfers, the answer to this question is ‘the least-expensive one you can find’. When you are just getting started, you won’t have the skills or experience to take advantage of the benefits that most-expensive models offer, so save your money for now. Once you learn more about the same and improve your technique, you can move up to higher-end golf balls later if you wish.

How do I get better?

All golfers, from beginners to professionals, want to improve. As a beginner, the fastest way to improve is simply to get experience. Play as much as your schedule and budget allow, so you can become more comfortable on the course and learn from your mistakes along the way. There is no substitute for regular play, so try to get out on the course as much as possible.

How can I play faster?

Many beginners worry about playing too slowly and holding up the course for more-experienced players. One of the best ways to play quicker is to simply be ready to play when it is your turn. Don’t wait until it is your shot to pick out a club and decide on your target. All of that work should be done ahead of time, so you can take your stance and swing away when it is your turn to play.

Where should I play?

Don’t pick courses that are too difficult right at the start – you will only get frustrated and probably won’t have as much fun as you would on an easier course. Look around for courses with a reputation for being easy and welcoming to beginners – a quick internet search should provide you with all of the ideas you need.