A tutorial for beginner golf players: simple sand escapes

One thing many golfers do not want to do is get their ball stuck in the sand. Whether it is wet or dry it changes the flow of the game since you have to switch up techniques. Some wonder what the best strategy is for getting a ball out of the sand. In the end it is how you look at the situation. The good news is there are a few tips beginners will find useful in getting themselves out of sand bunkers soon enough. In many cases it is about how the ball is sitting on the sand before you strike it. The following points offer a few tips on what you can do when trying to escape the sand.

  • When a ball is in the sand consider its position and the amount of the sand. If the ball seems as if it is high in position on the sand you may want to try and hit it normally as if it were in the grass. If the ball is sitting low in the sand consider a shorter swing but with more club.
  • You can dig your feet into the sand a little deeper to help you gain more traction and balance. This may depend on the position of the ball and the condition of the sand. You may be able to keep the same club and setup if you feel you can swing and maintain balance control.
  • In many cases you will make changes to your setup and type of club based on how the ball landed in the sand. If the ball is deep you can make essential modifications. Some golfers may use two clubs and have a strategy for each to help them with their grip.
  • Your backswing may need to be shorter. When you think about this concept it makes sense. This may also depend on your position in the sand and the type of club you use to make contact.
  • Make sure you hit the ball first and try not to hit the sand first. There are two differences here. If you hit the sand first you may not make contact with the ball properly. If you hit the ball first you have a good chance of striking it out of the sand. This may also help your ball get more strike to help it move.