Learning the Basic Swinging Motion

When you are just getting started in the game of golf, it can be a challenge to just get an understanding of the basic swinging motion needed to hit good shots. While many experienced golfers can make hitting a beautiful shot look easy, getting to that point is no easy feat. As a beginner, you will have to start from the ground up and build your swing piece by piece until it comes together into a cohesive motion.

To get started learning the basics of the proper swinging motion, use one or more of the tips below.

  • Baseball swings. If you have played baseball (or softball) at some point in your life, calling on that experience is a good way to transition into golf. While the swinging motions aren’t exactly the same, they do have quite a bit in common. At the driving range, try making some ‘baseball swings’ with your golf clubs before putting the club down on the ground and actually hitting some shots. Try carrying over the same motion that you used during the baseball swings while hitting golf balls to get a feeling for the basic swinging motion.
  • Slow-motion swings. By working through your swing in slow-motion, you can start to feel how all of the parts come together and work on improving your balance along the way. Again on the driving range, try hitting some shots at about half speed. If you are unable to hit good shots while working through at half speed, you will know that you need to fine-tune your technique and mechanics to improve your swing. Once those improvements have been made, try doing the slow-motion drill again and see if your results are better.
  • Watch golf on TV. This is more of a passive drill, but effective nonetheless. If you take some time out to watch the professionals play on TV, you can learn a lot about the basics of good swings. Pay specific attention to the mechanics of some of the best players and see how they compare to your own. If you notice major differences between your own swing and those of the players on TV, that will be a good clue that you need to make some changes. The more you can watch great players work their way through the swing, the better chance you will have to iron out the errors in your own game and take the next step toward better golf.