Golf Terrains in Algarve

Algarve provides some of the greatest destinations for golfing vacations in Portugal. The city offers a wide variety of different types of courses that are suitable for golfers of all experience levels. Golf can be enoyed all year around due to Algarve’s mild weather although the most golf vacationers visit from October to May and is considered the high point of golfing season. Algarve has over 29 golf terrains. These famous clubs are located in central Algarve around Vilamoura and expands west to Lagos along the coast. All of these clubs are open to golfers and their visitors. Many of these golf resorts require you to abide by a dress code and you must provide an official handicap certificate.

There are many championship golf courses in the area that host many tournaments such as the Portuguese Algarve Open, the President’s Cup, the Vilamoura Grand Trophy, the Algarve World Cup, and the Expresso/BPI Golf Cup. These tournaments are played on some of the most famous golf terrains in Algarve including the Victoria Club de Golf, Royal Golf Course, and the San Lorenzo Golf Course all located in the West Algarve.

Every golfer can enjoy these harsh terrains that create a challenging experience. The West Algarve region consists of a vast collection of inland golf courses and links designed to unleash both the region’s challenging landscape and its natural beauty. Of all the 13 West Algarve golf courses, these five are the best of the best courses.

The Victoria Club de Golf

The Victoria Clube de Golf was designed by architect and famous professional golfer Arnold Palmer. This course was the fifth golf course to be established in Vilamoura. This 18-hole golf course has hosted over 70 championship golf tournaments including the Algarve World Cup and the Expresso/BPO National Finaland Audi World Final.

Royal Golf Course

The Royal Golf Course was designed by Rocky Roquemore and Rober Sir Cotton. In fact, it was Cotton’s plans that were used to build this course. It covers over a 3 ½ mile area and consists of lakes and pine forests.The 16th hole has been photographed the most and has become a prominent symbol of golf in the Algarve.

San Lorenzo Golf Course

The San Lorenzo Golf Course has been given the rank as the second best golf course in Europe. It is located in Quinta do Lago. Pine tree forests cover the first five holes which provide an excellent natural scenery. The quality of the course challenges its golfers with many hazards including water hazards and bunkers and the last hole specifically has claimed many wayward balls on a Par 4 hole with a nice sized lake on the fairway.